Jasna ♡ Juhu

~ Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication ~

Nebeška gora / Heaven's Mountain

♡ Nature... the most powerful, amazing and aligned Home for our Body & Soul ♡♡ Animals, our friends and teachers... they show us how to love ourselves more completely and unconditionally ♡♡ Learnings and Teachings for Life ♡

Living Room with Sea View

♡ Chill Out Spot for Family & Friends ♡

Fruity Piece of Paradise

♡ A place where ideas grow as the fruit matures :) ♡


♡ To see a World in a Grain of Soil and Heaven in a blooming Tree or Flower.
Holding Infinity in the Palm of your Hand and enjoying Eternity in an Hour ♡

Van Transformation (I) and (II)

♡ One of my big dreams coming true... tiny home on 4 wheels ♡


♡ My Lion-hearted 2kg of Happiness ♡ "the smallest big Love" ♡

Tiny House Experiment (Eksperiment Obilja) 2020

♡ Simplicity? YES, please. ♡♡ Left dream job in Italy in the end of 2019 ♡ moved into nature in a tent and started from the beginning ♡

♡ An inspirational video in Slovene language recorded for and published to a closed group of 6.000 Slovene women (Pobuda Glas Slovenk) ♡ Length: 27 minutes ♡

Organic Alchemy

♡ Developing my passion for genuine - organic - home-grown - delicious food for the Soul ♡

Abundance Center (Center Obilja Koper) 2018-2019

♡ With no budget ♡ with the help of two-three friends ♡ within a few months ♡ from 300 m2 of gray and empty spaces ♡ to an innovative exchange-shop and creative hub ♡

Travels 2017-2018

♡ The best 40th birthday present to myself: one year of time for travelling ♡ Dominican Republic ♡ Thailand ♡ Bali ♡ Singapore ♡ Malaysia ♡ Italy ♡ Spain ♡ Portugal (Camino de Santiago Portuguese) ♡

Ps: Real life starts at 40 ;) or whenever you decide :)


LAUGH about yourself.LIVE every Moment (grate)fully and follow your Dreams.LOVE yourself and Life will love you.